Suppliers & Conservation

Conservation and preservation of our natural world are of the utmost importance to maintain healthy ecosystems. As consumers, we are proud to purchase butterfly chrysalises, also known as pupae, from as many non-profit organizations as feasible. Most of the butterflies inhabiting the tropical garden of The Original Butterfly House are purchased, as pupae, from El Bosque Nuevo, a butterfly farm located in Santa Cecilia, Costa Rica. El Bosque Nuevo uses 100% of its profits to purchase rainforest areas for conservation, reforestation, research, and preservation.

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London Pupae Supply (LPS) is the most prominent distributor of butterfly pupae in the United States. Owner Richard Cohen imports butterfly pupae from a variety of butterfly farms to Denver, Colorado. In turn, the pupae are sorted, packaged, and sent out to various butterfly exhibits throughout the country.


Farms that often supply pupae enclosed in the packages destined for The Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House & Insect World include Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm


Mida Butterfly Farm, Kenya


Natures Arc Butterfly Culture, The Philippines

Alas de Colombia, Colombia

Bioproductores, El Salvador

Costa Rica Entomological Supply

Heliconius Butterfly Works


Flora Farms, The Philippines

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, Belize

JLM Butterfly, The Philippines

Quinta de Goulaine, The Philippines

Silke Weyland, Australia

Tropical Insect Enterprises – The Philippines

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