Bugs Boonie Hat


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About this product

Some of your favorite insects creep and crawl across a bright aqua-blue canvas. Featuring swallowtail butterflies, praying mantises, stag beetles, stoneflies, mayflies, katydids, leopard moths, eastern lubber grasshoppers, rollie pollies, caterpillars, and ladybugs.

Aw dang! These boonies will get you adventurin’ like the goonies! Quick dry, easy flex material hats with lots of useful features. Block the sun, and stay cool while boating, fishing, paddle boarding, gardening, hiking, and more.

-Quick dry, easy flex polyester material

-Removable cord with tightener and clip

-Snaps on both sides for easy positioning of your hat depending on the style you prefer and the direction of the sun.

-23.2″ circumference with an adjustable cinch cord for a tighter fit